Here are examples of the fun machine sewing projects we make at Cupcakes and Lace for private lessons!

(Scroll to bottom for Hand Sewing examples and Adult Projects)


Throw Pillows & Travel Size Pillows




Tote Bags


AG 18” Doll Accessories & Clothes




Fleece Sleeping Bags!


Assorted Plushies


Assorted Purses & BagsĀ 

Fleece Throw Blanket/Travel Sleepover Blanket


Assorted Seasonal Projects (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.)



Pajama Pants (or shorts!)


Beach Sarong Coverups


Pillowcase for Bed Pillows


Scarves and Hats (or Earwarmer) Sets


Mermaid Tail Sleeping Bags


Assorted Disney themed projects


Square Quilt Blankets (For Teens and/or our intermediate Students)


Sleeveless Casing Dress (For Teens and/or our intermediate students)


Short Sleeve Top, Tank Top & Knit Sweater (For Teens and/or our intermediate students)


HAND SEWING PROJECTS (Assorted Plushies, 18” doll accessories and more!)


Adult Sewing Projects (Assorted home decor items, aprons, accessories, bags etc.)

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