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Cinderella Tea & Bibbity Bobbity Boutique

We recently enjoyed a fun day of all things magical by participating in the Cinderella Tea! The Cinderella Tea is an annual mother-daughter event held at the National Convention Center in Leesburg, Va.  All the proceeds from the event go to the Blue Ridge Speech and Hearing Center.   Girls ages 2-10 come dressed as their […]

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Sewing, Dolls, and Grandma’s New Business

My love for sewing, and dolls goes back a few generations. My grandmother, who taught my mother and myself how to sew, has always loved dolls. Back in the 1960’s when my mother was a little girl my Grandma used to sew doll clothes as a way to earn money to buy Christmas presents for […]

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Make Your Own 18″ Doll Treats

Our 18” Doll Accessory Workshops are tons of fun for young girls! At one of our recent doll accessory workshops we taught the girls how to make mini three tiered treat stands, complete with pretend goodies!  Do you or your child have a passion for all things mini?  If so  then this is just the […]

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