Make Your Own 18″ Doll Treats

Our 18” Doll Accessory Workshops are tons of fun for young girls!

At one of our recent doll accessory workshops we taught the girls how to make mini three tiered treat stands, complete with pretend goodies!  Do you or your child have a passion for all things mini?  If so  then this is just the craft project for you!

Three Tiered Stand Supplies:
Card stock
Craft foam
Clay Magic (or anything similar)
Mini candy (OPTIONAL- we used the mini mints found in the wedding section of a craft store)

Three Tiered Stand Directions:
1. Cut three circle out of the card stock.  Each circle has to be a slightly different size to give it the same effect we had.  Our largest circle is about 2.5 inches in diameter, middle circle about 2 inches, and small circle about 1 inch.

2. Cut one piece of straw about 1.5 inches.  Cut another piece of straw about .5 inches.

3. Glue the larger straw piece in the middle of the largest circle.  Next glue the middle size circle on top of that.  Repeat this step for the smaller straw piece and the small circle.  TIP:  We helped the girls by hot gluing all the pieces together.  You can use Tacky Glue.  However, hot glue is a faster option.

4. Time to make the mini goodies!  Use craft foam, clay magic and even little candies to fill the stand.  We rolled the white clay magic into mini eclairs and used brown foam for chocolate.  We made little triangle cookies with sprinkles out of white foam.  Kids should have no problem using regular glue for the goodie portion of this craft.  Have the children use their imagination and creativity to make any type of goodies they want!

Did you enjoy this craft? If so, you might be interested in our Mini Patch Program!  Children will learn about mini doll items, make mini crafts and even enjoy a mini snack.  After doing all the activities they will earn our original mini patch!  Check it out right here!

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