Sewing, Dolls, and Grandma’s New Business

My love for sewing, and dolls goes back a few generations.
My grandmother, who taught my mother and myself how to sew, has always loved dolls.

Back in the 1960’s when my mother was a little girl my Grandma used to sew doll clothes as a way to earn money to buy Christmas presents for her kids.  Then when the grand-kids were born she would make us the most adorable doll clothes for our own dolls.  When I was little I was so excited to visit Grandmas house and look through her vast wall collections of dolls.  Then after a successful career as a Nurse and Nursing Professor she re-discovered her passion for dolls.

At age 83 Grandma decided to start her own mini business.  She now sells one of a kind doll clothes at year craft fairs.   (The other half of her business is homemade pie with the worlds best crust.  People love them so much that she gets special orders!) She makes the cutest dresses, nightgowns, princess costumes, you name it!  Most of the clothes even come with an accessory or two, for example purse, flip flops and more.  Each one is so detailed and beautiful that I tell her I wish she would make it in my size!

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