How To Make A Minion Stuffed Animal!

In one of our recent sewing classes in Aldie, Virginia the kiddos learned how to make a minion stuffed animal!

If you know how to hand sew or machine sew (or have someone who can teach you!) here are some ideas and inspiration to make one of your own.

www.cupcakesandlace.comWe hand sewed this cute minion stuffed animals then used cutting and hot glue (with adult help) to decorate the minions clothes and eyes.





  • yellow felt (we made ours about 12 by 12 in an oval egg shape)  You can buy 3 felt squares from craft store and use the two squares for the body and the third square to cut out legs and arms
  • one blue felt square
  • black felt (scraps)
  • white felt (scraps)
  • grey felt (scraps)
  • small piece of black yarn or use the black felt (for the mouth)
  • sewing supplies
  • hot glue gun
  • poly fiberfill

Make It!

  1. If you are doing this with a group or even one child you can make a pattern for the kids out of poster board ahead of
  2. Then have the kids use a pen to trace the minion body onto the yellow felt.
  3. Cut out the body.
  4. Then pre-make patterns for the outfit, eyes etc. or just have the kids make it themselves.   If they are 3rd grade or younger you may want to pre-cut patterns for them.
  5. We find it easier to pre-cut patterns and also lay out cut felt scraps for them to trace on smaller pieces.
  6. Help them hot glue all the pieces on after they sew and stuff the body!
  7. Sooo cute!



Did you like this idea?  We have a really fun stuffed animal sewing kit available our website.  Check it out here!

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