Make Your Own Mini Christmas Teddy Bear Craft

Do you need a fun holiday inspired craft that is fun and easy?  Do you like mini size crafts?

If so this craft is perfect for you to make with the kiddos!  Make this cute and tiny Christmas bear!

C&L Christmas Bear Craft Supplies:

  • tacky glue
  • 1 jumbo size pom pom (about 2 or 2.5 inches or so…this is for the body)
  • 1 slightly smaller pom pom (this is for the head)
  • 2  matching size pom poms for bottom paws
  • 5 matching size small pom poms for the top paws, ears, and tail
  • 1 super tiny size pom pom for the nose
  • 2 googly eyes
  •  tiny piece of yarn, paper, felt or foam for mouth (optional!)
  • tiny Santa hat or make your own! (optional!)

C&L Christmas Bear Craft Directions:

  1. Start by gluing the body to the head.  This will be using the jumbo size and the next biggest pom pom.
  2. Glue the bottom paws on the body.
  3. Glue the top paws on the body.
  4. Glue the ears to the head.
  5. Glue the tail to the back of the body.
  6. Glue the googly eyes and the mouth
  7. Have fun playing with your new mini teddy!

Does your child have a passion for crafting mini items?  You might enjoy our C&L Mini Magic patch kit!  Learn about miniature items, make mini crafts, and eat a mini snack!


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