DIY AG Doll New Years Eve Craft Ideas

We recently held an American Girl Doll New Years Eve crafting workshop!

The girls loved making miniature items and accessories for their doll!  You can make some and accessories for your own doll at home!  OR if you have a birthday party coming up this is a great idea for girls to make at a party.

www.cupcakesandlace.comWe also hosted this workshop last year and came across these really cute NYE sparkly hats.  They are perfect doll size all you have to do is cut and tie the neck band a little shorter for the dolls head.  You can purchase them HERE from Oriental Trading in a pack of 12!  This year we decided to have the girls sew gold hats but if you don’t have that option this hats we bought last year are so cool!

We crafted mini doll sized sparkling ciders.  You can check out this previous post on how to make doll size drinks just swap the color out for gold pony beads!

We bought some fun NYE inspired boas from WalMart (this is actually garland sold in a couple yards a pack!).  Cut it into about 1 foot long per doll and it is perfect.

Give the girls mini supplies like toothpicks and mini print outs of NYE signs (google images smaller on a Word document) and then they can craft mini banners and signs!  You will need some scotch tape and markers or crayons too.

Craft a glitter mask (from foam) or a glitter bead necklace for your doll.  We got the glitter jingle bells from the craft store.

We hope this gives you some inspiration to make fun crafts to celebrate the New Year with your doll!





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