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See info/pricing below and then contact us to look at dates and inquire!

Hey!  Need a sewing machine recommendation?!  Check out our list HERE! 

Adult Sewing Lessons

We offer beginner and intermediate solo private adult lessons and by appointment only small group classes for adults! Private lesson rates are below. (If you are interested in a small group class just contact us and we can provide you with some fun ideas and info on small group adult classes.)


4 HOUR PACKAGE DISCOUNT PRICE:  A 4 hour package of 4 hours (2 lessons each 2 hours) for $145.

Some project choices for lessons include: placemats/coaster sets, hanging wall pocketed organizer, throw pillows, pillowcases, tote bags, tea towels, purses, makeup bag, table runners, lined apron with pockets, fleece hats, infinity scarves, and assorted plushies and accessories for babies or kids.  We try to stick with our list of project options (we will send you the full list to choose from upon registering for a lesson) but if you have a specific project in mind we may be able to work with you…just ask!

NOTE:  If you have a machine already and want to learn how to use it, thread, etc. you can bring it in and we can teach you how to do that in lessons.  We have plenty here so it is not needed but some folks like to learn on a specific machine they already have.  Please contact us and send us the make and model # so we can make sure it is a doable machine to use in lessons. If it is an old machine we recommend getting it serviced prior to make sure it is in good working order.

Check out some pictures from adult private lessons!


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