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Best Sewing Machines & Sewing Supplies For Kids, Teens & Adults!

Here at Cupcakes and Lace Sewing Studio in Loudoun County Virginia, we offer lots of private sewing lessons for kids and teens (and adults too!).

We often get asked which machines may be great for beginners (kids and adults!) and intermediate young sewers.  Below is are list of recommendations on machines and also supplies!

A few things to note:

  1. Sewing machines in general have gone up in price due to COVID.  They are also not being produced as often or can’t really be produced so hence the higher price tag that you may see when you click on the links below.  Note that they are all normally a lot cheaper but things have changed due to COVID and slower production etc.
  2. You do have to be careful when getting a machine just because it says “Singer” brand or recommends “best machine” does not mean it is good.  There are TONS of terrible machines or “temperamental” machines out there.  In my experience the starter Singer machine and starter Brother machines are not really that great and you may end up wasting your money.  Also the tiny sewing machines like (Made by Me) are just toys and anything under $150 is really not good.

Our Favorite Sewing Machines: (In our preferred order!)

  • Singer Stylist:  these are the machines we primarily use at our studio!  They are GREAT! I usually recommend these ones FIRST for kids and our adult students as well. And normally when in stock on amazon prime about $170 (during COVID times they are closer to $200) which is an amazing price for this machine.   I love this for kids and teens because there is a speed setting which is rare in a cheaper machine and as they gets more experience they can turn up the speed etc.  It also comes with a bunch of fun stitches.  We’ve had 6 of those for about 7 years with tons of kids and adults using them and none have ever broken or given any issues. Sometimes it goes out of stock on Amazon but usually pops back up a few weeks later.
  • Singer Heavy Duty:  Another great machine we have used with our students (kids AND adults) many times.  Sews through lots of different fabrics and layers!  Great little workhorse machine.
  • Janome 2122:  This is a really good machine for this price!  We have used these many times when students have brought this in and they are pretty easy to learn on.  Not to many stitches but enough to have some variety.  Sews through many layers of different types of fabric and as far as we can tell also a little workhorse. Great value for the price!  Definitely no complaints with this machine.
  • Janome 5812:  Another great machine!  Pretty heavy duty and has several fun stitch options.  Has a button hole foot, and zipper foot too.
  • Janome Hello Kitty:   Ok so this machine we would only recommend for the younger sewers and beginners.  Now this is a very close model to these old Janomes we used to LOVE called Janome Sew Mini/Janome New Home.  We have about 6 of the older Sew Minis and use them for traveling to teach at schools for After School Enrichments etc.  They are very light and great for very young sewers.  There is a finger guard and everything is very basic and starter friendly.  So this is pretty close to those old models we love but don’t make anymore.  Perfect for little sewers about 7-9 years old.  Note there is no light on this one like most machines have.

Sewing Supplies: 

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