Jeweler Junior Girl Scout Badge Project Idea: Pastel Tassle Necklace Kids Craft

We LOVE making Jeweler here at Cupcakes and Lace in Loudoun County Virginia, especially for the Jeweler Junior Girl Scout www.cupcakesandlace.combadge.

Make this super adorable (and totally wearable for adults too!) necklace www.cupcakesandlace.comwhen working towards your Jeweler badge…or just for fun!



  • Bead Landing brand Value Pack Pastel beads (you can really use any beads but to create this same look we love this ones…they are plastic, glossy, sturdy and different sizes sold at Michaels)
  • scissors
  • jewelry string (we love the thin elastic string from Dollar Tree and it comes in 4 colors for $!)
  • tassle bead pendants purchased at the Dollar spot from Target (P.S. you can always make your own with just yarn!  Cut about 8 strips of 5 inch long piece, fold in half equally and make a loop at the top to create your own tassle


  1. This is a fairly easy and affordable project but comes out adorable!  We love these beads from Michaels…the colors are just so
  2. Cut your string to the desired length.
  3. First put your tassle on the
  4. Start stringing your beads on either side of the tassle!  Be creative! Enjoy!

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