Slice of Cake Themed Girl Scout Painter Badge Projects & Kids Crafts

Here in Loudoun County Virginia at Cupcakes and Lace, we love teaching Girl Scouts how to earn their badges!  We love the www.cupcakesandlace.comnew spin we put on the Brownie Painter badge…cake themed!

Below are some ideas you can use to help your troop earn the painter badge with a fun cake twist!

  1. Teach them about famous cake painter Wayne Thiebaud from the 1960’s!  He is one of our favorite artists and the girls love seeing his painting.  Grab a book from the library or print some pictures online to show them.  Along with cakes he liked to paint gumball machines, pies and lipsticks…all super fun still life
  2. Next after showing the girls who Mr. Thiebaud is have them make their own cake painting.  During the still life requirement the girls did this.  It helps if you cake back a nice rainbow cake…and then they have a visual to paint…then they get to eat the cake at the end!
  3. For the “painting moods” requirement why not put an emoji spin on it?!  After talking with the girls about what moods are have them paint 3 moods using Emojis!
  4. Paint without brushes….now you can always do finger painting…but why not try fun sponges…we bought packs and rollers from the Dollar Tree in fruit and toy shapes.  You can always make your own.  Or you can also use veggies like celery ends…they make really cool shapes when dipped in paint and put on
  5. Pastels!  Use black poster board (Dollar Tree has the best value…cut the poster into 4 pieces and its only about $2 or less for a group of 8 girls!  Have them make another Wayne Thiebaud inspired picture.
  6. Have fun with this one…and have plenty of tablecloths and old t-shirts because it gets messy! =)  Turning this into a little party with the cake portion really makes it even more fun for the girls!

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