Singer Stylist 7258 Sewing Machine Review: Great Kid & Adult Sewing Machine!

We often get asked what sewing machine we recommend for our kiddo students (and adult students!).  In our here in Northern Virginia, we use the Singer Styist 7258 sewing machine.  We would strongly recommend these little work horses for any beginner or even intermediate sewer wanted to purchase a new machine.

There are many things we love about these machines.  It is sometimes hard to find an affordable machine (they just don’t make machines like they used to!) that wont break on you, or give you bobbin troubles.

For my personal sewing I love my Bernina I bought about 15 years ago, as well as my Grandmas Singer Featherweight from about 60 years ago!

But for beginner sewers (and even intermediate and advanced sewers!) this gem sews wonderfully!

www.cupcakesandlace.comTo be honest there are many newer Singers that are just not made the way they used to be years ago.  When I discovered this Singer on Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised.  It exceeded my expectations.  It is great for kids especially with the first feature I listed below, and it is great for a seasoned sewer too.

There are several things I love about this machine:

  • #1 favorite feature: speed setting…this is rare on affordable machines but this Singer has the option to the speed very slow or fast.  This is awesome to have when teaching kids to sew because you want to start them off slow.  Then when we have our adult classes we can switch the speed to a little faster.  Love this feature!
  • can sew through thick fabrics and knits:  we have used this for thick denim, knits, layers of fleece, canvas etc.  and there haven’t been any problems.  Sews so smooth.
  • 100 built in stitches:  now if you are a beginner or a kiddo you may not be using all these fancy stitches but this machine has the ability to create many beautiful stitches, and buttons holes.  The girls really enjoy using scrap fabrics to try out the different stitches!
  • automatic tension button!
  • programming needle up/down:  depending on what you are sewing this is very handy!
  • automatic thread cutter:  saves you the step of using scissors every time you end a stitch
  • backstitch button:  obviously this is needed!
  • helpful numbers/arrows listed on the machine to help you thread the machine quickly

Looking for some other sewing supply recommendations for kiddos?


  • Ring pincushion (these make fun gifts and I love these cute ones for kids!)


  • Long pins like these. They are much easier for them to pin fabric then short ones. Plus easier to find if they fall on the ground!


  • Big handle seam ripper: (this is an important tool for when mistakes are made and thread needs to get taken out of projects)


  • Good thread! The best high quality thread is called Gutterman however there are plenty of other sufficient thread brands.  Coats and Clark’s is good too and cheaper price.  Make sure not to accidentally get embroidery thread. Also be careful not to get cheap thread that usually comes with those starter kits.
    If you don’t have a sewing table I usually recommend these sewing “mats”. To avoid staining your table or surface and also keeps things flat!  It also folds up and can be put away in a closet or area.

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