DIY Kids Clothespin Dolls: Girl Scout Projects: Playing the Past Junior Badge: Prairie Fun Patch Kit

Here at Cupcakes and Lace we love teaching crafts inspired by the past!  Clothespin dolls are one of our ultimate www.cupcakesandlace.comfavorite!

You can use this craft at school when learning about the prairie days, Laura Ingalls Wilder, or when working towards a Girl Scout badge or Journey.  Think Playing the Past Junior badge!

Also to supplement this activity you may want to check out our Prairie Fun Patch Kit!  Each patch kit contains a learning segment, fun game, craft activity (instructions and patterns for these clothespin dolls and rag dolls) and a fun DIY cooking segment.  You only need one patch kit for group/troop and then it comes with one fun patch. You can purchase additional patches based on your needs.

Here are some ideas if you want to make your own clothespin dolls.


  • clothespins
  • fabric scraps
  • thin markers or pens
  • tacky glue
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • yarn

Make It!

  1. Start by pre-cutting smaller scraps or strips of the fabrics, yarn and pipe cleaners for the
  2. Trays with individual sections are great for this activity because they can help the kits find the supplies easier.
  3. Start with coloring on your face and shoes.
  4. Next design, cut and glue your fabric (clothes) onto the
  5. Use a pipe cleaners as a multipurpose belt/arms to wrap around the pipe cleaner.
  6. Lastly make your hair!  Cut and glue the yarn for
  7. Viola!  You can now make a family of little clothes pin dolls!

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