Craft An American Girl Doll Sofa-Made From A Recycled Cardboard Box!

Lets craft an American Girl or 18” Doll/Teddy Bear sized sofa!  Grab a box, scissors and some tape!

Cupcakes and Lace Doll Sofa Supplies:

  • cardboard box (The vitamin boxes have the perfect shape for the sofa but you can use anything.  We found these boxes at Costco or BJ’s).
  • duck tape
  • scissors
  • bubble wrap (or batting, or fabric scraps, orsmall recycled boxes) for the “cushions”
  • fabric scraps (we used fleece scraps and cut them to the size of the bottom of the box…then made “no sew” cut and tie fleece blankets, and even sewed little pillows.  You can always use paper to cover the cushions)

www.cupcakesandlace.comMake it!

  1. Grab your duck tape and cover the outside of the box in any color you want!
  2. Make the cushion.  We used some bubble wrap to create a cushion covering the whole bottom of the box.  Then we used a big fabric scrap sheet of fleece fabric to cover it.
  3. Sew pillows (with adult help) and make a blanket, TV, end table, DVD’s, board games or any living room decor!

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