DIY Girl Scout Jeweler Junior Badge Craft: Recycled Sewing Thread Spool & Button Necklace

If you are a Junior Girl Scout troop working on your Jeweler Junior badge we have a great activity for you!  This thread spool necklace is also a great way to recycled thread spool and use buttons www.cupcakesandlace.comin a unique way!  Plus it is pretty inexpensive and not messy.


  • buttons!  any colors and sizes
  • thread spool  any size and color
  • washi tape
  • necklace string (make sure it is thin enough to fit through the button holes)

Make It:  

  1. First we decorated our thread spools with washi tape.  We used 3 different kinds and wrapped it around the middle of the spool.  You can get a pack of washi tape from the craft
  2. Put your thread spool on your jewelry string.
  3. Next string your buttons on!  Put them through both holes or just one hole for a different look.  Use as many as you want to create the look you like.  Sew fun!



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