Miniature Birthday Party Cake Craft!

We have a really cute party craft that will be a big hit at your next birthday party or Girl Scout www.cupcakesandlace.comtroop event!

This little cake is pretend and can be played with over and over again!  It is the perfect 18” doll size, Build A Bear Size or just about any stuffed animal.  See below to make one for yourself or use this activity at your daughters next birthday party.


  • One mini white cup (this are actually labeled as ‘nut cups’ in the craft store in a package of about 30 or so…you can also purchase them at the Dollar Tree when available)
  • one birthday candle
  • sequins (or mini stickers)
  • circle shaped paper slightly larger than the cake  (or purchase a pack of the mini sized doily’s from the craft store)
  • markers or crayons
  • glue (tacky glue works best)

Lets Craft It!

  1. Adults can pre poke holes in the center of the white cup.  We just use a pencil or pen to www.cupcakesandlace.comgently poke a hole.
  2. Start by coloring your cake!
  3. Put your candle in the hole.  It is easier to put it through from the inside.
  4. Glue around the bottom edge of the cake (just around the rim).
  5. Next place the cake on the paper or doily.
  6. Now glue on some sequins (aka “sprinkles”) on top of your cake!
  7. Yay!  Your all done!  How cute is that?!



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