DIY Disney Frozen Craft: Elsa Cape & Wand For 18” American Girl Doll!

We have a great Disney Frozen craft that you will love to make for your 18” or American Girl www.cupcakesandlace.comDoll!  You can even make this for an equal size teddy bear or Build- A- Bear.

www.cupcakesandlace.comC&L Elsa Doll Cape Supplies:

  • Blue shimmery fabric (anything similar to this will work!)
  • Shimmer blue pack of pom poms (assorted blue/white/silver pack found at Michaels…we used 4 for one cape)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (with adult help)
  • Yarn or ribbon for the cape tie
  • ruler or yarn stick or measuring tape
  • for the wand:  half a pipe cleaner and an Elsa photo we printed off the internet

How to make it:

  1. Cut out your Elsa cape!  The piece we made measures about 20 inches long by 18 inches wide.  If you want a longer cape add a couple inches to the length.  It may be smart to use poster board, ruler and pen to create your pattern.  Then once you have the sizing right you can track and cut onto the fabric using your pattern.
  2. Cut some yarn or ribbon!  Cut two pieces about 12 inches
  3. Fold down one top size of the cape about 2 inches.
  4. Hot glue (with adult help!) two small pom poms to the corner of the top of the cap (folded side).  Repeat on the corner next to it.
  5. Hot glue the ties right behind where you just glued the pom poms.
  6. To make the wand-hot glue (or tape) the Elsa picture to the pipe cleaner.
  7. Wait a minute or two for everything to dry and try it on your doll!  This would make a great Halloween costume for your doll! =)



P.S.  We have a super fun 18” Doll Party Craft Kit you should check out right here!



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