Peter Pan Neverland Inspired Birthday Party, Bridal Shower Ideas

Mrs. K has a few friends getting married in the next few months.  She is in charge of the decor for her one friends www.cupcakesandlace.combridal shower and is hosting it at Cupcakes and Lace.

www.cupcakesandlace.comYou can easily turn this props and decor into your childs Peter Pan or Neverland themed birthday party or event!  Here are some ideas on how to make awesome decor.

  • Hook inspired props…Crocodiles!  We found these big ones from Dollar Tree and spray painted them silver.  You can keep as is but its always more fun to jazz them up with colors.  We also found these little clock pendants at Michaels in scrapbook section.   Look for little ship naval stickers too.  How perfect is that!
  • Dollar Tree is your best friend! Make Fairy Gardens! We found the great olive green glass bottles there, as well as the green fuzzy rocks (fairy garden inspired!) and terrarium materials.  We made some terrariums:  fairy inspired, ocean inspired and the lost boys/Native American inspired.  Grab sand, rocks and other little figurines.  You could even turn this into a party craft and have the kits make their own fairy gardens.
  • Favors!  Fairy dust!  Make up some tags for the party guests and fill tiny glass (or plastic for kiddos) with glitter.  We added some rock candy lollipops with them as a fun twist.
  • Signage and banners!  Do some google searches for pics and/or make your own on Word or Photoshop.  You can get picture frames from Dollar Tree or thrift shop and paint them.  Mix and match sizes and colors for a cool effect.  We got a golden book for $2 (check thrift store or used book store) and bunted it into these cool

  • Amazon!    The feather banner and gold painted feathers are from Amazon but you can always make your own.  Use feathers in vases (like we did with the green vases from Dollar Tree) in place of flowers or mix and match to use both.
  • Michaels:  They have lots of fairy garden decorations and those would be great on the tables.  Also Tinkerbell stickers and scrapbook paper.
  • Neverland Map & Photo Props:  Make or paint your own photo props and use a Peter Pan shower curtain as the backdrop.  Use a roll of brown paper for tablecloths and the kids can color on them and make their own Neverland maps!  You can always have a treasure scavenger hut for them with Neverland maps…make it a fun game!



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