Make Your Own Unicorn Treat: Homemade Unicorn Bark Party Idea

We love unicorns and we REALLY love this unicorn bark.  I mean how pretty is this!  Make this at your next party!


  • 3 melting chocolate packets (you can buy this easy melting chocolate or grab some white chocolate chips)
  • food coloring
  • spoons
  • sprinkles
  • fruit loops or any fun topping!
  • baking sheet preferable with sides

Make it!

  1.  Follow directions on back of melting chocolate package.
  2. Use the food coloring to color your chocolate.  Use three different bowls and pre color them before the next
  3. Use big spoonfuls to put the different color chocolate onto the empty baking sheet.  Make sure to mix it up so there are not to many spoonfuls of the SAME color next to each
  4. Using the back end of a spoon start to swirl!  It is best not to pick up your spoon until you have down the whole baking sheet.  With a spiraling motion go to one end up the pan and then back and forth until you have down all the chocolate.
  5. Put the sprinkles and fruit loops on top before it starts to
  6. Place in freezer for at least an hour or so.  Once very hard you can gently bang the baking sheet on table surface to break up the bark.  Enjoy!


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