Girl Scout Brownie Painter Badge Ideas & Tips: Paint Your Own Umbrellas!

Here at Cupcakes and Lace in Loudoun County, we love helping our local GSCNC Girl Scouts learn new things and www.cupcakesandlace.comearn their badges!  We really love the painter brownie badge.  We recently held a summer camp where the girls did tons of painting and earned this badge…but with a fun twist!

www.cupcakesandlace.comIf you are a leader or Girl Scout mom (or you don’t even have to be in Girl Scouts to get inspiration from this post) you will like these ideas on earning your painter badge.

We like to put a fun twist on the badges so for the painter badge we always call it “Slice of Cake!” and it has a sweet treats theme!

Some tips:  The best and fastest place for cheap poster board and foam core board is Dollar Tree.  You can of course get these supplies at a craft store or online but we have found Dollar Tree is the best.  They have great foam core board and you can grab a box cutter and cut them in half (then its only 50 cents per girl for a big masterpiece painting).  Then use card stock or poster board cut into smaller pieces for some of the other projects.  You can also find paint at Dollar Tree sometimes but you are better off getting that online or craft store and use a coupon!

  1. Get Inspired!  We taught the girls about cake painter Wayne Thiebaud (he is amazing!) and showed them some examples of his artwork.  Our whole theme was then centered around his type of cake painting.  The girls love this.  They also like when we do his gumball theme painting too!  You can look him up online or grab one of his books on Amazon.
  2. Paint!  So naturally they all choose the big cake painting.  We actually had a real rainbow cake for them as a still life (this also teaches them about what still life painting is) on the table and they all painted that.  You can have really anything for that.  One time we went to Dollar Tree and grabbed a bunch of candy and big lollipops and set those out on the table and they painted
  3. Paint a Mood!  Since Emojis never seem to go out of style why not put an Emoji twist on this one!  Print out a bunch of large pictures of some Emojis (happy, angry, sad etc.) and they can paint those or create new emotions to paint.
  4. Painting without Brushes!  We used umbrellas and sponges for this one and they loved it.  You can snag these white DIY umbrellas from Oriental Trading.  We again got these sponges from dollar tree (shapes and fruits) but you can always make your own.  Or use veggies (like a celery head etc.) for other shapes.
  5. Mural Painting!  The girls can all make this together.  Explain to them that  mural creates a story.  Figure out if you want the girls to decide on the story together or give them ideas etc.
  6. ADD ONS!  The rainbow cake is a hit and really helps the girls learn about cake painter Wayne Thiebaud.  Also add another fun snack.  We found Trolls paint your own cookies.  We pre made the cookies and icing and then used these trolls decals and edible paint for them to paint!  It was a hit!



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