American Girl Doll Closet: 18″ Doll Craft-Make This From A Cardboard Box!

Do you need a new closet to store all your American Girl Doll clothes and accessories?

If you love to craft and recycle this is a great project to make for your 18” doll or Build A Bear teddy!

We recently crafted this in one of our crafting summer camps here in Chantilly, Virginia.

www.cupcakesandlace.comAll you need is a tall cardboard box (anything 18” tall or higher) for the closet a few other supplies.

You will need:

  • tall cardboard box (we used boxes left over from IKEA couch furniture but any box will do-you can get boxes at Costco, or buy them at WalMart etc.)
  • wooden dowel slightly longer than the width of the box
  • Paint, stickers, craft gems etc. for decorating materials!
  • pipe cleaners (we made hangers out of these!)
  • hot glue (with adult help)
  • something to cut holes in the box (with adult help)

How to make it:

1.  Hot glue (with adult help the wooden dowel across the top part of the box.  We already had holes in the side of the box but you can ask an adult to help you cut two holes in the box to put the rod across.  You can always just hot glue or duck tape the dowel without cutting holes…just glue it a few inches from the top.

2.  Embellish your closet!  Paint it, color it, use stickers!  Have fun with it!

3.  Hang all your doll clothes.  You can even make hangers or hooks out of pipe cleaners.  Enjoy!


P.S. If you love AG Dolls check out our 18” Doll Party Craft Kit!



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