DIY Easter Bunny Ears For 18” American Girl Doll

Springtime is finally here and we have the perfect craft for your 18” American Girl doll!  Mini bunny ears!  See below to make some for your


You will newww.cupcakesandlace.comed:

  • White craft foam
  • sticky Pink glitter craft foam (or any color you want to use!)
  • Jumbo fuzzy pipe cleaner (we purchased these in a pack from Dollar Tree but you can get them at any craft store…they come in a pack or in a long rope about several feet long)
  • poster board or card stock is optional (we used it to create patterns to make it easier for the larger group of girls to trace the ears onto the foam then cut it out)
  • hot glue gun with adult help (duck tape will probably work too!)



How to make it:

  1. Cut your jumbo pipe cleaner to be about 6 inches long.
  2. Cut out two big bunny ears out of the white foam.
  3. Cut out two smaller contrasting colored ears out of the pink (or any color!) and glue or stick onto the white
  4. Use the hot glue gun with adult help  (or duct tape the back) of the ears to the jumbo pipe cleaner in the middle.
  5. Once you are done…you will need to shape the pipe cleaner into a slight square shape at the top (if you leave it very circular it doesn’t stay on the dolls head).



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