DIY Home Decor, Little Girls Party or Wedding Project! Turn Vintage Coke Bottles Into Beautiful Glittery Flower Vases! Tutorial Right Here.

Miss O’Neal, owner of Cupcakes and Lace is getting married in September!  Here is a super fun www.cupcakesandlace.comDIY project she is doing for her wedding.

Recycle old coke bottles and turn them into fabulous flower vases or decorations.  This is a great idea if you really want that personal touch to your wedding, event or in your kitchen.

www.cupcakesandlace.comHere’s another though as this would also make a great birthday party craft for little girls or do this at your next Girl Scout troop meeting.  Spray paint them ahead of time in any desired color then have the girls paint their own designs (using acrylic paint or any washable kids paint) with paintbrushes.  Once they dry the girls can embellish with craft gems and tacky glue!  Get some pretty faux flowers from the dollar tree (or make your own tissue paper flowers) and viola!  They have a party activity and favor all in one.

Check out the tutorial below to see how Miss O’Neal made these www.cupcakesandlace.comglittery metallic coke bottles as flower vases to use at her upcoming wedding.

Note:  Hey girls!  The spray paint project below is for use with adults only.  Make sure you get your parents permission before working on any similar projects.

You will need:

  • coke bottles (or any similar glass bottles!)
  • spray paint (she always uses Rustoleum brand…one in metallic gold and one in glitter gold)
  • tarp, newspaper or any surface that can get messy!
  • mask and/or gloves to protect from the fumes


  1. Get your working surface prepped with newspaper or tarp.  If desired wear a painting mask and gloves.  You should always spray paint in a well ventilated area…outside is best.
  2. Set down your bottles.  If you are making several it may be easier to lay the bottles flat and right next to each other.  Then you can turn them as you go.
  3. Grab your metallic gold bottle and get to painting!  The Rustoleum metallic gold brand is so nice you only need one coat.
  4. Once the whole bottle is covered and has dried, spray the gold glitter metallic.  Two coats should definitely do the trick.
  5. Should only take a few minutes to dry!
  6. Enjoy your new fabulous flower vases!


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