Girl Scout Home Scientist Brownie Badge Experiment: Harry Potter Dragon Boogers Green Slime

If you are a Girl Scout Brownie troop working towards your Home Scientist badge we have the perfect activity for you!

This is also great for Daises and Juniors too!

Hey! Are you planning a Harry Potter themed birthday party?  (By the way if you are planning a Harry Potter party be sure to check out our Golden Snitch Craft and our easy ButterBeer recipe!)

We came across a great YouTube video by The King of Random he calls Green Slime!  

We recently held a Harry Potter themed Science Wizardry Workshop here in Chantilly, Virginia and the Brownie troop LOVED this activity.  We told them they were going to concoct dragon boogers (if you are a Harry Potter fan it makes sense!)  This activity will work towards the Home Scientist Brownie badge as the ‘Play With Science Section/Dinosaur Boogers’.  Or as we said above other age groups would like to make it just for fun too.

One thing we love about this is that it doesn’t stick to your hands after you make it…unlike many other messy science activities!  Also it only take a few supplies and overall is very inexpensive.  We used one batch (for his instructions) per 4 kids.  So they each got a generous helping of their lovely ooey gooey dragon boogers!  Enjoy!

P.S. We added glitter into the mixture before mixing it all up and that was a big hit.




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