Janome Sew Mini 10 Stitch Fast Lane Fuschia Sewing Machine For Kids: Sewing Machine Review and Recommendation

Janome Sew Mini 10 Stitch Color Sewing Machines are a great machine for any beginner sewer…especially kids!

Here at our Cupcakes and Lace sewing studio for young girls in Chantilly, Virginia we have been using the Janome Sew Mini 2 Stitch Sewing Machine for about 8 years now!  First off we would to mention that this machine IS NOT A TOY.  This is a great beginner machine and we use them in all of our sewing classes for girls in 2nd-8th grade.

This originally  was only produced in white.  As of the last year or so they now sell this machine in tons of fun colors!  We recently purchased a bunch of the Janome Fast Lane Fuschia machines to add some color to the studio.  They are the same machine (as the older white Janome Sew Mini’s) just a little upgraded and in color.

www.cupcakesandlace.comWe have been wanting to do a review of the machine for quite some time because we get asked by our local parents what machine we would recommend for their little first time sewer.  Also we wanted to tell you the best places you can purchase this machine from.

Janome Sew Mini Color Machine Pro’s:

  1. FOOT PEDAL-The first thing we LOVE about this machine is the foot pedal.  These machines (along with the older white version) only go one speed and maintain that speed no matter how hard you press down on the foot pedal.  This is excellent for a first time sewer specifically a child.  We have not come across any other machines where the foot pedal only goes one speed.  This is great for safety as you don’t have to worry about your child going “pedal to the medal” while learning to sew!  We would like to add that this speed is a good safe speed…not to slow and not to fast.
  2. WEIGHT-  You can’t get much better than this!  Your little one can even pick it up herself it is so lightweight.
  3. LITTLE DRAWER-  This new color Janome Sew Mini’s have a little drawer to store extra bobbins, seam ripper etc.  The older white version does not come with a drawer so this is nice new added feature for the colored versions.
  4. PRESSER FOOT-  The presser foot is a nice big size for little eyes to easily view it.  This presser foot actually has what they call a “finger guard” for extra safety protection for little fingers.
  5. BACK STITCH BUTTON-  This machine does have a back stitch button which is a must for sewing!
  6. 10 STITCHES-  There are 10 different types of stitches which is more than enough for a beginner sewer.  A few different types of running stitches and zig zag stitches.

Janome Sew Mini Color Machine Con’s:

  1. NO LIGHT:  We don’t have many cons for this machine except that there is no light on the machine.  This can be solved by getting a little desk light or something similar to add more light to your sewing space.  We have little IKEA desk lights that are nice and skinny and have the ability to bend any which way!

Where to buy:

  • Amazon:  You can purchase this in white and it is usually a little cheaper than the colored machines.  Or you can purchase any of the 8 color options available here.  Right now the colored options are running about $70.
  •  You can purchase some of the colors here at  I am not sure if they are available at the store.  I have never seen any at our local stores.
  •  You can usually find these in some colors here.
  •  You can purchase the WHITE version online here.  I don’t think they are available in the stores.  The white version is a lot cheaper and usually only $50.

Overall we highly recommend this machine for any beginner child!  The fun colors will add some excitement during sewing time.  We have used this model machine for about 8 years and haven’t had any problems with them…and they have been through LOTS of sewing and LOTS of different children.  Now we just need to purchase more of these in all colors for the studio. =)




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