Girl Scout Jeweler Junior Badge Crafting Ideas

This spring we have been hosting several Jeweler Junior Badge workshops here in Chantilly, Virginia!

We wanted to give those of you who are not local (locals can benefit too!) the chance to use some our ideas at your own Girl Scout meeting or Jeweler crafting time.  See the ideas below to work towards your Jeweler badge.

  1. Animal Figurine Jewelry Stand/Hanger!  We recently put a spin on one of our older posts…You can check out that post HERE to make one for yourself.  Instead of using just the animal figurines (giraffe, elephant, gorilla etc.) we found these adorable unicorn figurines (see picture) that they girls loved.  Mix it up!  Use any sort of little figurines you can get your hands on.  The dollar spot at Target is where we found the packs of unicorns for $1!  Dollar Tree is a great resource for inexpensive little figurines.  Hey! Another idea is to check out your local thrift shop in the kids toys section.  You never know what you might find.  Lastly, Amazon sells bulk animal figurines if you are doing this with your whole troop.  FYI the over-sized clothespins you see in that post are from Michaels.  They are about 4-5 inches tall and a few inches wide.  They are usually found in the dollar section or the front of the store bins by the registers.
  2. Bottlecap Gem Bracelets:  These bracelets are fairly inexpensive to make and just so much fun!  You can get a big pack of bottlecaps from Michaels or AC Moore that already have the www.cupcakesandlace.comholes drilled inside.  The gems can really be any size, shape or color.  We did discover these cut gem stones in the aisle of Michaels with the tiles and stones.  You can use craft gems though as they are much cheaper.  Check out the previous post HERE to learn how to make these.
  3. Jeweler Badge Snack Idea:  Ring Pops!  Want a fun snack to enjoy with the girls for this badge?  Why not ring pops!  Buy them in a 3 pack for $1 from Dollar Tree.  They LOVED these and they look oh so fabulous on their fingers with their bottlecap bracelets.
  4. Wooden Bead Painted Necklaces:  Check out this post HERE to make really neat painted beads and turn them into a necklace.
  5. Acorn Nature Necklace:  THIS is a fun eco-friendly craft and the best part is searching for the perfect fallen acorns.
  6. Rainbow Yarn Wood Necklaces:  These necklaces are so fun!  Use any color yarn…but the girls really love the rainbow yarn.


We hope you will get some inspiration and ideas for your Jeweler badge!  Let us know and www.cupcakesandlace.comcomment below if you made any of these projects at home.





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