Sew Your Own Earth Day Inspired Pillow: Kids Sewing Project Idea

Today is Earth Day!  At our after school class at Arcola Elementary in Aldie, Virginia we showed girls how to sew the cutest globe pillows.

We used a pretty blue cotton fabric for the circle globe shape.  We cut a circle about 12 by 12 inches.  Then the girls sewed the globe right sides together and a little hole.  We turned right side out and stuffed it up with pillow fluff!  Next we hand stitched up the opening.

www.cupcakesandlace.comThe best part was cutting out the continents and heart shapes for the globe.  Each girl put their own spin on it with hearts, faces, glasses and more!  For the continents we pre-cut out poster board shapes and labeled them with numbers and continent names.  Then we had a map out for each girl so she knew where to place them on the pillow.

You can even do this project on a smaller scale and do a small hand sewn pillow and then just cut smaller sized (or www.cupcakesandlace.comuse fabric markers!) continents out of the felt fabric.  We love felt fabric because it won’t fray.  Or do this project with paper!  It is a fun project to celebrate Earth Day and gets the little minds thinking.





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