DIY Bath Salt Recipe For Kids: Spa Birthday Party or Girl Scout Spa Event Ideas

We recently hosted a spa class at our studio in Aldie, Virginia and the girls loved making these bath

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Check out our recipe below to make some of your own!  This is an easy recipe to use at a spa birthday Cupcakes and Lace Kids Bath Salt Recipeparty or spa themed Girl Scout event.  Grab some paper bags or plastic bags and the girls get to make their own “take-home” bag!


  • Epsom Salt (2 cups per girl)
  • table salt or kosher salt (2 spoonfuls per girl)
  • baking soda (2 spoonfuls per girl)
  • few drops of vanilla scent or vanilla extract (you can buy all different kind of scents in craft store in the candle section OR just use vanilla extract)
  • paper or plastic bags or containers to put the bath salts in
  • big bowls/trays, disposable cups and spoons for scooping the salts into the bags (helpful if you have a large group of girls)

Make It!

  1. If you have a large group like we did start by prepping the ingredients in bigger bowls/trays.  We poured a bunch of Epsom salt in a huge tray and put several drops of vanilla in it ahead of time then mixed it all together (if you are using real vanilla extract not the scents from craft store you will need to blend everything together so it is not clumpy).   If you have a smaller www.cupcakesandlace.comgroup you can have the girls help with this vanilla step.   Then we put a bowl of baking soda in a different bowl and table salt in an additional bowl too.  Put disposable cups into the Epsom salt trays and spoons with the baking soda and table salt bowls.  If you can do this outside it saves you some clean up time as it does get messy depending on the girls ages!
  2. Before the girls start digging in let them know the measurements they have to put inside their individual baggies.  Or type up signs or sheets that have the information on them and put them at the tables so there is no confusion.
  3. Start the fun!  Help them use the cups and spoons to put their ingredients into their bags.
  4. For added fun have stickers and markers so they can decorate their bags before or after their bath salts!




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