DIY Kids & Tween Emoji Necklace Craft: Jeweler Junior Badge Craft Idea

Everyone loves Emojis!  We have a fun tutorial to learn how to make an Emoji necklace!

This is a great craft to make when working towards your Jeweler Junior Girl Scout badge or just for fun!  You only need a few supplies.  Note that we used felt for the Emoji face, but you can use cardstock or craft foam too.


  • small piece of yellow, red, and black felt
  • metal washer (find at Home Depot, Lowes etc.)
  • jewelry string (ours is about 2 feet long)
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • pen

How to Make:

  1. Start by tying your jewelry string onto your
  2. Next using the metal washer trace your Emoji face (cut 2 if you want double sided) with a pen on the yellow
  3. Cut out your circles.
  4. Now cut out your emotion.  We chose the heart eyes on one side and the sunglasses on the other. You can use pens (or chalk on darker fabric) to draw your design before you freehand cut it out.  It may be easier this way.
  5. Using adult help with the glue gun glue your circle to the metal washers.  You can use tacky glue or hot glue to glue on the rest of the
  6. So cute!  Enjoy!  We love this necklace because it is reversible!




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