DIY Teddy Bear Craft: How to Make A Mini Fleece Teddy Bear/Doll Hat

In a recent crafting workshops here in Chantilly, Virginia we showed one super fun Girl Scout Brownie troop how to make mini hats and for adorable mini teddy bears!

You can purchase these mini teddy bears or any similar small plush teddy bears, easter bunnies, St. Patricks Day bunnies (basically tons of different kinds of little plush friends!) from Oriental Trading.

This makes a great birthday party idea because it is inexpensive, fun and pretty easy for you to prepare!  See below to make one for your own little stuffed animals!


  • Mini Teddy Bear or any other similar sized stuffed animal (these are about 4 inches tall)
  • fabric scissors or scissors that will cut through fabric for the kiddos (fiskars kids scissors generally work for fabric if you have them cut through one layer at a time)
  • fleece fabric cut about 8 inches long by 5 inches tall (for hat)
  • fleece fabric cut about 10 inches long by 2 inches wide (for scarf)
  • 6  inch piece of yarn or sliver of fleece fabric cut for the hat tie




How to Make It!

  1. Once you have your hat piece cut, fold the fabric in half hamburger style right sides
  2. With adult help you can sew the right side of the fabric (or use hot glue) almost up to the time top but leave about an inch at the top un-sewn.
  3. Now its time to fringe the hat and scarf!
  4. Using your scissors make small snips into the fabric only on ONE side and fringe!
  5. Do this with your scarf on both short ends.
  6. Now turn the hat right side out so you see the pretty side.
  7. Use the yarn or scrap fabric sliver to tie it at the top under the
  8. Fold up the bottom of the hat twice in two small fold.
  9. Viola!  Your teddy bear is all cozy now!


P.S.  If you like teddy bears and crafting miniature items you may love our Teddy Bear Picnic Crafting Kit!




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