Girl Scout Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge Craft Project Ideas! NEW BADGE!

We LOVE the new Outdoor Girl Scout badges!  If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for either the Brownie www.cupcakesandlace.comOutdoor Art Creator or Junior Art Explorer, we have some tips and projects for you.

  1. Nature!  For the first requirements the kiddos will need to go on an outdoor nature walk!  Give each girl a little notebook and pencil or crayon pack.  The dollar tree has nice and inexpensive small spiral notepads that would be great for this activity.  Or even a small tote bag (they have those in packs of 2-3 for only a dollar) and then they can carry their items in there.  If you take a walk in a local park they could create a picture on their tote bag of a scene they see.  Have them note the senses around them like smell, sight, hear etc. Have a little checklist to inspire them!  Do they see animals?  Hear birds?  If the area allows you to do this you can have them collect 3 objects like rocks, acorns, leaves etc. and these can be used for other
  2. Make Something!  We LOVE this one.   You can really do some many things with this requirement.  Have them collect pinecones (or buy a bag from the craft store, or WalMart) and paint them!  They come out really cute.  Turn them into a nature crown by hot gluing to cardstock or a headband…or make a wind chime with them.  Add painted keys or twigs the girls find outside.  Add glitter, ribbons or any other fun nature or recycled materials.  Leaf rubbings are great too and they can find leaves anywhere outside.  Turn the leaf rubbings into artwork.   So much fun!
  3. Dance or Make Music Outdoors!  The girls can make up a poem, song or dance from nature.  We know they also love to make little skits so that is another idea.  You could also play a nature bingo game.  Have a bingo board with nature words and pictures and have the girls use acorns to mark their pieces!  The wind chime craft can be used for this requirement too.
  4. Nature Photographer!  You don’t have to use a camera for this one.  You can have the girls pretend they are mini something like a grasshopper or butterfly and draw a picture from that point of view.  Then you could use assorted craft materials, nature materials and recycled to craft their drawn scene into a 3D craft.  Use green tissue paper for grass, real rocks and acorns.  They will really enjoy this by using their imagination.
  5. Design with nature!  Mini Garden!  Almost every kid we know LOVES miniatures!  So why not make terrariums for this requirement!  Here at Cupcakes and Lace we LOVE these.  You can really use your imagination and creativity with this one!  Have the girls go on a little hunt for rocks and then they can paint them (glitter paint anyone?!) to use in their terrariums.  Use acorns, mini pine cones etc.  Get sand, rocks, glitter, and small clear containers from Dollar Tree!




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