DIY Rose Gold Cut Gem Bracelets: Jeweler Junior Girl Scout Badge Craft Project

We love these beautiful rose gold and cut gem bracelets and want to show you how to make some on your own!

These would be a great project when working www.cupcakesandlace.comtowards your Jeweler Junior badge or even as gifts (kids and adults!).


  • 5 yard roll of rose gold bendable  aluminum metal wire (found in jewelry section of craft store..)
  • jewelry tools
  • thin jewelry wire
  • Sedona brand cut gems with two holes on the side (also www.cupcakesandlace.comfound in jewelry section)




Lets Make It!

  1. Start by cutting two pieces of the rose gold metal about 8 inches long.  Note that this measurement will vary depending on who you are making it (small child, teen or adult).
  2. Lay both of the pieces on top of one another and start to coil one of the ends to create a loop like
  3. Keep coiling until it looks like this and there is no sharp edge poking out.
  4.  Do this on both ends of the bracelet.
  5. Now grab your thin jewelry wire and start to attach the cut gem to the rose gold metal base directly in the center.  This may be a little tricky for the younger kiddos so you will need to help them with this step.  Make sure to cut about 6 inches of wire at least (per side) so you have enough to wind around that rose gold metal a few times.  You want it nice and

It should look something like this.  Be careful to tuck any sharp ends in so they don’t poke you!

Enjoy!  These make beautiful gifts too.  We found these pretty jewelry dishes for $1.50 at Michaels to go with them for gifts.  If you are working on your Jeweler badge check out our other posts because we have some other fun jewelry projects.




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