Make Mini Earmuffs For Your 18” Doll!

Here at Cupcakes and Lace we love to teach mini accessories make for American Girl dolls!

Winter is here and your doll definitely needs to keep her little ears warm!  See below for instructions on how to make these:

18” Doll Earmuff Materials:

  • tacky glue (or glue gun with adult help)
  • scissors
  • 4 sticky foam circles (about 2 inches diameter)
  • jumbo pipe cleaner (available at craft store and sometimes Dollar Tree)
  • 3-4 pom poms
18” Doll Earmuff Instructions:
  1. Cut the sticky foam into 4 (2 inch) circles.
  2. Cut the big fuzzy pipe cleaner to approximately 9 inches long
  3. Peel the backing off the sticky foam and stick one end of the pipe cleaner in the middle of the sticky foam circle.  Take the second foam circle and stick it right on top (sticky sides www.cupcakesandlace.comtogether).  So the pipe cleaner is in the middle of two sticky foam circles.
  4. Repeat step 3 for the other side of the earmuff
  5. Curve the pipe cleaner to form a U shape so it can fit around the dolls head.
  6. Glue 3-4 pom poms (depending on the size) on the foam.
  7. Now your doll is all set to enjoy Winter!

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