Craft Project Alert! Make Your Own Mini Teddy Bear Bedroom Vanity!

In one of our recent after school crafting classes we made mini home decor accessories for a cute little  teddy!

Want to make a mini bedroom vanity for your own little teddy or doll?  You only need a few items to make this fun project!

Cupcakes and Lace Mini Vanity Supplies:

  •  1 Oatmeal box cut in half (An adult will need to use a knife or box cutter to cut the oatmeal in half…we used the smaller sized oatmeal box so it was proportionate  to our 6 inch mini teddy.)
  • Something to cover the oatmeal box:  Spray paint, construction paper, dark colored kids paint etc. (We used purple spray paint and glitter spray paint for the top.   We painted them before giving them to the girls to decorate and finish.)
  • Stickers and/or gems
  •  approximately 5” by 5” piece of foil (This is for the mirror.)
  • approximately 5” by 5” poster board piece or cardstock piece   (This is for the mirror.)
  • Clay model magic, paper, pom poms, straws, mini cupcake liners, craft foam, pipe cleaners, beads, bottlecaps etc. (This is for all the mini items to make for the top of vanity:  lotions, perfumes, makeups etc!)

Cupcakes and Lace Mini Vanity Instructions:

  1. Cut the oatmeal box in half.  (If you are choosing to spray paint then do that ahead of time).  If not then help the child put paper or thick paint around the box.
  2. Assemble the mirror.  Help the child put foil around the poster board piece.  Hot Glue or use www.cupcakesandlace.comduct tape to stick it to one side of the vanity.
  3. Decorate the vanity with stickers and gems!
  4. Make tons of mini vanity items!  Some ideas:  Bowls of hair-ties using mini cupcake liners and pipe cleaners, bottles of lotions using clay magic, use foam to make makeup compacts, use straws and paper to make a mini brush.  Use your imagination and supplies to create any mini items for the top of the bedroom vanity!


P.S.  By the way we have a very cute Teddy Bear Crafting Kit you may love!  Check it out here!



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