DIY Animal Figurine Jewelry Holder/Hanger…Great Idea for Junior Girl Scout Jeweler Badge!

At our recent Jeweler Junior Badge Workshop in Chantilly, Virginia we showed the Junior Girl Scouts how to a really unique jewelry hanger/holder!

We have some directions for you to make one at home or with your Girl Scout troop.  The best part about this craft it that you www.cupcakesandlace.comcan really use your imagination and any colors you want!

Hey, you can even do dinosaur figurines instead of animals!




Cupcakes and Lace Animal Jewelry Holder Supplies:

  • plastic animal figurines (got a big tub from Amazon)
  • spray paint (we spray painted the animals ahead of time and let the girls use acrylic paints to embellish)
  • acrylic paint and small paintbrush
  • wood base (we purchased wood shapes from Michaels/AC Moore in wood section for about cents-$1 each)
  • wooden dowels
  • over-sized colored clothespins (we discovered these for $1 each in the Michaels $1 section..if you can’t find these you can use anything similar)
  • glue gun with adult supervision or wood glue

How to make it…

  1. We suggest spray painting the animal figurines before you have the girls make the jewelry holder.
  2. Give the girls tons of acrylic paint choices to paint stripes, polka dots, designs etc. on the animal figurines.
  3. Use glue gun to hot glue the clothespins and wooden dowels onto the wood shapes…or you can do this ahead of time.  If the girls are old enough they can do this step alone!
  4. You can always add craft gems/jewels, sequins and more to bedazzle your jewelry holder.
  5. Hang your Jewelry on your adorable new holder!  P.S.  You can click on the jeweler holder picture above to see a closer up version.


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