Fun Kids Nature Craft Idea- Acorn Lady Necklace!

This is a great craft idea for the Jeweler Junior Girl Scout badge or for anyone with a passion for crafting with materials found in nature!

At our upcoming Girl Scout Jeweler Badge Workshop here in Northern Virginia, we are going to be making this cute acorn nature necklace!  We got inspired by all the leaves and acorns on the ground that we decided we should come up with a fun Nature Craft Idea for Kids-Cupcakes and Lacenature jewelry craft for the workshop!  In the workshop the girls will be earning their Jeweler Junior Girl Scout badge by creating TONS of fun jewelry   We will teach them about jewelry from other countries, and use unique materials to create necklaces and bracelets.

Below is a fun and easy craft idea you can do with your kids!

Cupcakes and Lace Acorn Lady Necklace:


  • Acorn (you will need the top and the bottom separated…you can usual find them on the ground already separated!)
  • yarn
  • googley eyes
  • sharpie or thin marker
  • tacky glue (and/or hot glue gun-with help from an adult of course!)
  • tiny bow or flower or ribbon to make a mini bow


  1. Cut the yarn the length needed for your neck.
  2. Cut the yarn for the acorn lady’s hair.  You can cut it any length you want!
  3. Glue the hair onto the acorn
  4. Glue the top of the acorn to the hair.  So you will have a “sandwich” of:  top of the acorn, hair, and then bottom part of the acorn
  5. Glue the googley eyes and bow!
  6. Draw the mouth and nose!
  7. With a glue gun or super glue-glue the neck yarn to the top of the acorn top
  8. ENJOY!
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