How to Make Miniature Frozen Anna & Elsa Dolls! Easily Made Into A Girl Scout Frozen SWAP!

At one of our recent summer camps for Girl Scouts in Chantilly, Virginia we celebrating the Disney Frozen movie by crafting all things Frozen!

The girls made sparkly Elsa ice castles, sewed an Olaf and Anna cape, and crafted these cute Anna and Elsa wood dolls.  Check out the tutorial below to make one for yourself!


  • wooden peg doll shapes  (we found a bag of these from Hobby Lobby in wood section)
  • markers
  • scissors
  • googly eyes (or just draw the eyes)
  • assorted yarn, fabric scraps, felt scraps, embellishments….anything you want to use for the clothes and hair!
  • tacky glue or hot glue with adult help

How to Make:

  1. Start by creating the outfit!  For Anna we used blue and magenta felt scraps to create the dress and cape.  A rectangle shape for the dress to wrap around the wood doll and then a trapezoid type shape for the cape.  For Elsa we used felt as well as some lacy icy blue fabric and also tulle for her cape.
  2. Make the face!  Use googly eyes and markers to create face.
  3. Create their hair using yarn or similar string.  OR you can even use markers or paint instead.

P.S.  Girl Scouts!  This can easily be turned into a SWAP using hot glue and a safety pin.

Want more Frozen crafts?  Check out our post on How to Make A Mini Frozen Drink!



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