Turn A Pomegranate Juice Bottle Into An 18” Doll Fashion Dress Form!

In one of our recent summer camps in Northern Virginia, we made mini Fashion Design items for our 18” dolls including a dress form!

www.cupcakesandlace.comAt our 18” Doll Fashion Designer summer camp we showed the girls how to turn empty pomegranate juice bottles into mini dress forms.  They are just about perfect height for the 18” doll as well as the 18” doll clothes!

This craft is a great way to teach kids about recycling and eco friendly crafting!  It is also a very inexpensive craft to do with your little girl this summer!

We taught the girls how to decoupage pictures (that we printed from clip art/internet) as well as tissue paper onto their dress forms.   You can always use construction paper scraps torn into small pieces of even just stickers and gems!

Cupcakes and Lace 18” Doll Dress Form Materials:

  • One empty large pomegranate juice bottle or similar looking bottle
  • Tacky glue mixed with a tiny bit of water in a Dixie cup (to create a decoupage paste)
  • paintbrush
  • Small piece of ribbon or actual measuring tape cut smaller (for the mini measuring tape…we found ribbon printed to look like a measuring tape in sewing section of WalMart)
  • tissue paper
  • printed sewing themed pictures

Cupcakes and Lace 18” Doll Dress Form Instructions:

  1. Cut or tear pictures and/or tissue paper.
  2. Mix tacky glue with a little bit of water to create
  3. Paint the pictures onto the Pom bottle.  Make sure to brush a layer of paint on the bottle, put the picture on top of that, and DON’T FORGET to brush a layer over top of the picture.  This will keep it attached and give it that glossy look.  It will dry clear so don’t worry!
  4. Decorate!  Use ribbons, gems and stickers to cover up the whole bottle!
  5. Let it dry and use it to try on your new doll designs!






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