Eco Friendly Recycled Craft! Make A Cute Brown Cow Craft/Toy! Dairy Delights Girl Scout Badge!

At one of our recent summer camps in Northern Virginia, the Girl Scout brownies earned their Dairy Delights badge!

During our Dairy Delights Badge Camp we helped the girls earn their badge by making cow crafts, learning about dairy cows, and even making homemade milk paint and homemade ice cream!

This special Wisconsin council own badge is tons of fun!  One of the best activities of the day camp making and eating homemade ice cream of course!) was making a brown cow toy!  We gave the girls a bunch of recycled materials and then showed them how to turn those items into a mini cow.  You can make your own at home!  Don’t forget to give your new friend a name!









Maggie Moo Cow Craft Materials:

  •  Tacky glue and scissors
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Any small/medium recycled box for body (We used a lotion/shampoo box.  Some ideas are:  tissue boxes, lotion box, hair product box, mini cereal box etc.)
  • 1 empty paper towel roll (or 2 empty
  • toilet paper rolls)
  • 1 Quaker oats lid or 1 empty ribbon spool
  • Bottle cap (We used a Pomegranate juice bottle cap)
  • 2 googley eyes
  • Felt or constructions paper (for spots, nose, ears and tail)
  • green paper or felt for grass
  • mini bell and small piece of ribbon (for the cow bell!)

Maggie Moo Cow Craft Instructions:

  1. Spray paint (adults only) OR brown tempera paint OR use brown construction paper to cover the body, face and legs boxes of the cow.  We made Maggie Moo a chocolate milk cow but of course you can make yours a black/white dairy cow or a strawberry milk cow!
  2. Cut out 4 legs using the paper towel roll.
  3. With adult help glue gun the legs and head onto the body of the cow.  You can use tacky glue but for this step the hot glue will hold better.
  4. Cut out the spots, nose, ears, grass, and tail.
  5. Use tacky glue to glue all the things from step 4 onto the cow.
  6. Glue on googley eyes!
  7. If you want make a cow bell with ribbon and small bell!
  8. Name your new cow and have fun!


Don’t forget if you live in Northern Virginia or North New Jersey area check out our summer camps!  We make tons of fun things just like this recycled cow you  see here!  If you are a Girl Scout then you are also in luck!  You can come and earn some badges at our summer camps too!  CHECK OUT OUR SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE RIGHT HERE!



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