American Girl Doll Craft: Camping Tent

We have the best summer craft for you to make for your American Girl Doll or 18” Doll…a camping tent!

See below to make one for your doll!

Cupcakes and Lace AG Doll Tent Supplies:


  • one new flat cardboard box (we bought these from WalMart for about $1.5o each…make sure to get the larger size)
  • duck tape (we used the smores printed duck tape!)
  • paint/markets/stickers etc. to decorate the sides of your tent
  • box cutter for adult use to pre-cut the flaps off
  • fabric for the flaps if desired (we used the triangle shape once the tent was created to trace onto the fabric so the size of the flaps were correct)

www.cupcakesandlace.comHow to Make:

  1. Adults should pre-cut the four flaps off ahead of time.  Then cut on just ONE long seam of the box (to create one long flat piece of cardboard).
  2. Help the girls fold the box to create the triangle tent shape.  The two bottom flaps with be created with one on www.cupcakesandlace.comtop of the other.
  3. Using the duck tape tape down the opening seam on the base of the tent so it can always stay assembled.
  4. The girls can use the duck tape to cover the whole tent or just the edges.   We chose to do the edges and then the girls painted the sides of the box.
  5.   If you want to have tent flaps once you cut those you can use hot glue to tack them on the sides of the tent.  To get the right flap size you can trace the triangle tent shape (once assembled) onto the fabric so you have the correct




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