DIY 18” Doll Craft- Make Mini Hot Dogs & Pickles

Learn how to craft mini hotdogs and pickles for your American Girl doll!

This is the season for grilling hot dogs, and hamburgers and we have the cutest doll size hot dogs just for you!  Follow the directions below to make a yummy summer dinner for your American Girl or 18” doll!



www.cupcakesandlace.com18” Doll Hot Dog Supplies:

  • Tan/brown Crayola Clay Magic
  • Red foam
  • Yellow foam
  • green foam
  • Tan foam
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue (and/or hot glue…with adult supervision)
  • mini paper plate or anything similar for the plate of the hot dog

18” Doll Hot Dog Directions:

  1. Roll the tan clay magic into a small ball.  Then roll it into a tiny tube to create the hot dog shape.
  2. Cut the tan foam to to create the hot dog bun.
  3. Glue the hot dog to the hot dog bun.  (Hot glue works best for this step.)
  4. Cut out a tiny piece of red foam to create the ketchup and a small piece of yellow foam for mustard.  Glue onto the hot dog.
  5. Cut out the pickles to small little circles or strips!
  6. Cut the plate for the hot dog and pickles. (about 2 inches by 2 inches)
  7. Yum!  Enjoy!




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