DIY T-Shirt Necklace Craft—Eco-Friendly Way to Recycle Old T-Shirts

Here is a quick and easy eco-friendly way to re-use old t-shirts and turn them into necklaces!

This is a great Girl Scout craft idea, summer camp craft, or a fun birthday party idea!  Here at Cupcakes and Lace we www.cupcakesandlace.comhave done this activity with the girls many times and they love it!  This fun wearable art project is creative and only requires two supplies!  The best part about it is that each necklace will come out unique and different.

Eco-Chic T-Shirt Necklace Supplies:

  • T-shirts!  If you want to mix up the colors then use 2-3 different t-shirt (even for one necklace).  One idea is to get tie-dye t-shirts to have a rainbow effect!
  • Fabric scissors





Eco-Chic T-Shirt Necklace Directions:

  1. Use the fabric scissors to cut tons of strips!  We cut about 40 strips (about 1-2 inches thick and about 12 inches long…depends on the length and width of the t-shirt).   The strips need to be skinny enough to tie together at the ends but not to skinny that they tear.  Start tying the strips together.  Start with two strips and tie them only at one end…then move onto the next one and
  2. keep going…you want to create a REALLY LONG strip.
  3. Once you have your super long piece tied all together find both end and tie them together (so you have a big circle).
  4. Start winding it around your neck and keep stringing it around until you have no more www.cupcakesandlace.comleft!  Try to experiment with different lengths as you string it around your neck.
  5. Time to show off your new wearable art!




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