DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Craft! Great party craft idea!

Here at Cupcakes and Lace in one of our recent badge workshops we crafted all things Harry Potter…our favorite was this Golden Snitch!

Are you looking for fun craft ideas for a Harry Potter party?  This DIY tutorial is super fun and inexpensive!  Kids will LOVE making this and they will especially enjoy playing Quidditch when the craft is all done!

The below picture shows what you will need to complete this craft:

  • Decoupage glue in a small bowl or dixie cup and a paintbrush (Decoupage is just glue mixed with a few drops of water to create a thinner paste-we use tacky glue and then add a few drops of water.  You should only need about 1/4 a dixie cup of decoupage for one golden snitch.)
  • Scissors
  • Yellow craft foam (only a small piece as you see below-cut into two wings about 4-5 inches in length.  You can always create patterns out of posterboard so it is easier for the kids to trace onto the form then cut it out.)
  • Gold glitter
  • yellow or gold tissue paper
  • Styrofoam ball
  • paper bowl and toothpick (optional)


  1. Use your hands to tear the tissue paper into tiny pieces- smaller pieces work better.  
  2. Cut out the wings using the yellow foam.  OR you can pre-cut for the kids.
  3. Start to glue on the tissue paper one piece at a time.  Tell the kids that they have to use the www.cupcakesandlace.compaintbrush to paint glue on the foam ball first, put the tissue paper on top of that glue spot, then brush a layer of glue on TOP of the tissue.  The trick is to brush glue on foam ball as well as over top of the tissue paper…it will dry clear and create a nice glossy effect!  (NOTE:  We stuck a toothpick into one end of the ball then stuck it into an upside down Styrofoam ball…this is much easier for the kids and less messy cleanup for you!)
  4. Once the wings are cut out the kids will use their paintbrush to put glue onto one side of each wing.  Dip the wings onto a plate of glitter!
  5. Let the foam ball dry and wings dry.  Hot glue (with adult help) the wings onto the foam ball.  Enjoy!





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