Girl Scout Manners Event Ideas: Dolly & Me Tea Party Fun! Manners Brownie Badge/Friends Are Fun Brownie Badge Etc.

Here at Cupcakes and Lace in Northern Virginia we love hosting super fun crafting and badge workshops just for Girl Scouts! Each year we usually hold at least one Manners Tea Party workshop (in the past offering the www.cupcakesandlace.comretired Manners Brownie badge!). We have some fun ideas below on how to do a Manners/Etiquette/Tea Party themed event for your Daisy, Brownie or Junior troop.  Don’t have a Girl Scout?  Use these ideas to create a fun birthday party tea party!

  1. Manners Brownie Badge Workshop:  If you can find a bunch of these badges on Ebay than this is a must to do with the troop!  This is retired (so sad!) but this is such a fun badge.  You can even do this with a fun patch instead (maybe a tea cup shaped fun patch or something similar).  One fun idea we did in a previous class was have the girls learn their phone manners etiquette on retro telephones!  We had some passed down from our Grandmother but you can purchase them at a Salvation Army or thrift stores or most likely on Ebay for pretty cheap.  Have the girls practice with how they should answer the telephone, the do’s and don’ts etc.  They loved taking turns with this and it really sparked their creative brains to think about what to do when answering a phone.  OR you can have them craft a telephone with paper cups and string, PVC pipe (shaped into a phone shape) from Home Depot or anything similar.
  2. Dolly & Me Tea Party:  Have the girls bring their American Girl Doll or 18” doll or teddy bear and have a mini tea party.  You can even turn this into a crafting event and make a tea party table with a cardboard box like the one we did in a summer camp.  Or just have mini finger foods for the girls to eat and then craft a mini pretend sweet treat for www.cupcakesandlace.comthe doll out of craft foam, paper, and other craft supplies.  We made a cute tea party table with a cardboard box from Costco (Tide boxes work great as they look just just like a table and are also very sturdy) and paint and purchased these adorable tea pary sets (perfect AG Doll size) from Dollar Tree.  You can even buy these in a case of 24 from
  3. Etiquette Tea Party (Incorporate the Friends are Fun Brownie Badge):  Have the girls earn the new Friends are Fun Brownie Badge while also learning how to mind their manners.  Have the girls make their own place cards and decorate place mats and coasters.  You can make them out of constructions paper or scrapbook paper!  Give the girls markers, scissors, stickers etc. and let them have fun.  Purchase paper plates, tea cups etc. from Dollar Tree, WalMart or Party City (Party City carries really cute mini clear plastic tea cups or”coffee” cups that looks similar to tea cups) and have the girls set  the table.  It will encourage them to help out they also will enjoy making their own place settings.  Enjoy a mini tea with some snacks.  We usually use Lipton ice tea purchased in the larger jugs at grocery store (we find the majority of the girls don’t like www.cupcakesandlace.comthe real tea).  You can most likely earn the Friends are Fun badge while doing this.  The girls could make the place setting for their friend, craft friendship bracelets, practice with passing dishes and helping out their friends.  Remember this does not have to be anything extravagant as far as supplies go.  The girls will still enjoy it!

We hope some of this information helps you plan a fun Manners Tea event!   P.S.  We have really fun Patch Kits for scouts that you will love!  This kits make it easy for leaders to plan fun, educational and crafty events.  Check them out right here!



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