My Grandma, American Girl Doll Clothes & Sewing

As many of you know my 86 year old Grandmother is an amazing woman who sews beautiful handmade 18” doll clothes.

Every summer my family and I travel to her cabin in Wisconsin (she lives in Wisconsin during the warmer months and Texas during the winter).  I have been visiting the cabin every single summerCupcakes and Lace Owner Devon O'Neal and her Grandmother since before I was born!

The cabin is a relaxing place filled with memories of Grandpa, fun times with family, and time with my one and only Grandma!  As a child I would love to play imaginary games with all my little cousins, create costumes, be crafty, and of course learn to sew.

Grandma taught me to sew when I was about 9 years old!   I love the bond that Grandma and I share when it comes to dolls and sewing.  Grandma has been sewing since my mother was a little girl.  She would sew doll clothes for local girls and sell them as a small business.  She sewed all of the American Girl doll clothes for the girl cousins as well as outfits for my cousins and I.  My Molly doll is from her!    It is still just as fun to sew alongside Grandma, and discuss all things dolls.

www.cupcakesandlace.comDuring my latest visit to the cabin we had a photo shoot with some of the doll clothes from her newest line.  Her new dance outfits are all the rage at the local craft fairs she sells at in Wisconsin and Texas.  Now they are up online for the world to enjoy!  Also tons more to come soon!







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