Awesome Girl Scout Leader Resource: Retro Badges, Memorabilia & Unique Finds! Check out this shop!

A few years ago I came across a really cool Ebay shop called Girl Scouting with Annelies  that sells very unique and rare Girl Scout treasures!

I want all of our readers to be aware of all the cool Girl Scout artifacts, memorabilia and badges that they sell.  Annelies is a Girl Scout Historian with the best Ebay shop I have seen!  We have purchased several different retro badges to use in our workshops.

Last summer during camp we offered a vintage Dressmaker class for the Cadettes and they earned this really cute (the badge has a dressform on www.cupcakesandlace.comit!) sewing badge all related to dressmaking.   The badge was from the 1960’s and I even had my mothers Cadette badge book from that time so they could really earn the badge with the real requirements from that time period.

In the winter around Christmas time we offered a few Junior troops (in private troop workshops) the 1960’s Toymaker badge (purchased from Girl Scouting with Annelies).  We put a fun twist on it and the theme was Santas Elves Retro Toymaker Crafting Workshop!  The girls loved making a vintage tick tack toe board, and other toys such as a mini ice skater (using magnets and an altoid tin so the ice skater could actually skate around the “ice rink”!)

You should definitely check out this shop!  She sells anything from vintage badges, jewelry, pins, clothing, postal stamps, books and more.  Your troop could have a blast with these retro badges and unique finds.



Cupcakes and Lace offers unique and original Sewing, 18” Doll & Craft KitsPatch Kits,  SewingCraftingDoll Workshops, Badge Workshops for Girl Scouts and Birthday and Special Event Parties.

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