DIY St. Patty’s Day Inspired American Girl Doll Treat Table Craft

Every year in March at one of our 18” Doll Accessory Classes we hold a St. Patrick’s Day themed crafting class!

The girls make tons of mini pots of gold, pretend drinks, green ice cream sundaes (check out the DIY tutorial to make some of your own), shamrock themed items and more!

The doll table is easy to make!  We get the detergent (Tide brand etc.) boxes free from Costco or BJ’s!  You can really use any sturdy box that is doll height.  You can spray paint ahead of time for the girls or help them use green duck tape, paper etc.  Purchase shamrock stickers, craft gems, use markers, paint etc.  The girls will love it!  The cheaper place for spray paint and or duck tape is WalMart (compared to the craft stores).

www.cupcakesandlace.comIf you pre-spray paint them for the girls just use some trays and put all the supplies out on the tables and have the girls use their imagination to create their own Shamrock tables!  We found little mini green hats at Dollar Tree (they usually have them every year) in a pack for $1 and if you shorter the elastic strap it fits perfectly on the dolls head.  Michaels and other crafts stores or the Dollar Tree also usually carry St. Patty’s stickers and craft materials that would be perfect for decorating the doll tables.

We hope you have a great time creating your shamrock dolls tables!  Check out our pictures here to get some more ideas!





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