American Girl Doll Craft Tutorial: Star Wars Princess Leia Hair Buns

In one of our summer camps this past summer we had a Star Wars themed American Girl Doll crafting day!  Want to make mini Princess Leia hair buns for your doll too?  Check out the instructions below!


  • thick brown yarn roughly about 8-10 inches long (we found this colored yarn at JoAnn Fabrics that was the closest color to her hair)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (with adult help!)
  • 4 inch brown felt circle (you can just buy the felt squares and cut it into the circle or give the girls a pattern to trace)
  • 2 bobby pins (can get a pack of these at Dollar Tree for $1!)

Lets Make It!

  1. Cut two circles out of the felt into about 4 inches in diameter.
  2. Cut the yarn about 8-10 inches. (this measurement will depend on the thickness of your yarn)
  3. Poke the bobby pin through the circle (you may need adult help for this).  Try to poke it through twice so the bobby pin is more
  4. With adult help hot glue the yarn on the felt-into a spiral shape.  Make sure to glue the yarn on the side where the bobby pin is not poking out!
  5. Now you can clip these to your dolls hair!  Enjoy!








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