Girl Scout Junior Drawing Badge Ideas & Projects: Also Brownie Painting Badge Ideas

At our sewing and crafting studio for kids in Aldie, Virginia we recently hosted a Junior Drawing badge for a local www.cupcakesandlace.comGSCNC troop!

If you are local and interested in earning this badge with us let us know!  We would love to schedule a private troop workshop.  We are official premier program partners with our council GSCNC.

If you are not local we have some ideas to share with you that may help you teach the girls the drawing badge.

NOTE: We thought it would be fun to put a little unique twist on the badge and add some painting to the final project.  If you are a Brownie troop earning your Painting badge you can take some inspiration from #5 to help with earning this badge.

Below are all the requirements (1-5 required) plus a few added project we came up with.  We would suggest pre-cutting tons of poster board and the foam core board to desired sizes ahead of time.

  1. Experimenter with different materials:  we taught the girls that a still life is an object that does not move.  We made the whole drawing badge workshop with a fun sweets theme for something different.  So we www.cupcakesandlace.comdecided to have a tray of sweets (can go to Dollar Tree and pick out a bunch of sweets for $5 or under.) for them to draw.  They have to draw this still life 3 times with a different medium.  So we gave them pencils first, then colored pencils then pastels with black poster board.
  2. Learn how to add shading:  We taught the girls how shading is an www.cupcakesandlace.comimportant part of drawing. This may be hard to show depending on your lighting, time of day etc.  We had a big white room during the day.  We used the hallway which was darker then put a stack of books with a basket on top.  It created a great shadow on the wall for the girls to sketch.
  3. Perspective:  You can show the girls what perspective is and give some examples.  We chose to do a “bugs eye view” to draw. Think of the movie A Bugs Life and how everything from a bugs perspective is really large.  Keeping with the sweets theme most of the girls draw themselves as a bug looking at something like a big donut or jellybean.
  4. Draw like a Graphic Artist: Teach the girls what a Graphic Artist does.  Their job is to communicate an idea or company through the use of a logo or created image. We gave them some examples and pictures of our company logo and some other ones (think Starbucks, McDonalds etc.).  They drew one for a make believe bakery or a pie shop to keep with our theme.
  5. Make your masterpiece/create your portfolio:  For our final project we wanted to add some painting.  We taught the girls about famous cake painter Wayne Thiebaud (cake/sweets painter from the 1960’s). loved him!  Then after getting some inspiration from his paintings they used their new drawing techniques to create one www.cupcakesandlace.combig  sweet treat painting.  You can have them create a portfolio with poster board and stapler to put their artwork inside.  We gave them foam core board (up until now we were using poster board for our drawings) to paint on.  NOTE:  Wayne Thiebaud paintings would be great to teach your Brownie troop for the Painting badge!  You can pick up a book from the library or buy one on Amazon for fairly cheap.  Or just print some from online to show the girls.
  6. ADDED:  Make a miniature cake platter:  Use makeup wedges for slices, cotton balls for ice cream , craft foam cut into a circle for a plate, red beads for cherries, appetizer forks for mini forks, and craft gems for decoration!
  7. ADDED: Have cupcakes for snack!  For some more added fun give the girls cupcakes to decorate/eat!






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