Make Your Own 18” Doll/Teddy Bear Candy Cane Sled! DIY Doll Tutorial Craft

At one of our recent 18” doll accessory crafting classes in Chantilly, Virginia we showed the girls how to craft the coolest sleds!

These sleds only take a few supplies and are the perfect craft for the holiday season.  See below to make one for your own doll.

Cupcakes and Lace 18” Doll Sled Supplies:

  • big box (we got ours from Costco-grape/pepper/strawberry crate boxes)
  • duck tape
  • 2 big plastic candy canes  (you can find these at Dollar Tree)
  • spray paint, stickers, decoupage glue and pictures (optional!)
  • string or twine


www.cupcakesandlace.comCupcakes and Lace 18″Doll Sled Directions:

  1. If you want to go the spray paint route (with adult help) spray paint the boxes outside first.  We used navy blue and then sliver glitter!
  2. Duck tape the two candy canes to the bottom of the box using duct tape.  You will need about 6-7 short strips of tape at first.  Then you will need two long strips to tape over those small strips on the side of the candy canes.  (Check out the picture!)
  3. Decorate!  Use festive stickers, craft gems, pom poms or whatever you have lying around the house!  We also decoupaged (tacky glue mixed with a few drops of water to create a paste) winter pictures www.cupcakesandlace.comon the box.
  4. Add the string to the front of the box so you can pull your doll around!  If you box doesn’t already have two holes in the front (with adult help) use a screwdriver to poke holes.
  5. Have a blast pulling your doll around in her new candy cane sled!




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